Traktor S2 to Mackie ProFX8 Connection Question
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    Default Traktor S2 to Mackie ProFX8 Connection Question

    What is the best way to connect my Traktor S2 to my Mackie ProFX8 Mixer?

    I tried TRS (booth output on the S2) to XLR (Mic Input 1 and 2 on the Mackie), but I noticed that when sliding the fader for each channel (1 and 2 independently), on the Mackie that I could still hear both speakers...(I was hoping I could change the volume level for the 2 speakers independently this way but it doesn't work... its like the same signal is being sent to each channel of the mixer and they are not separated), the sound would be loudest when both channel 1 and 2 sliders were at the same level turned up.

    The other idea is to go TRS from the S2 to TRS on the mackie on a combined 3/4 channel, but I wont be able to separate the volumes for the 2 PA speakers this way.

    Is it even possible to split the audio (left spkr and right spkr) going from the S2 to the external mixer? NOTE: I want to keep all mixing functions on the controller itself with having the ability to separately control the volumes of the 2 PA speakers with the mackie mixer.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    My initial thought is you are sending signals out of Traktor in 'mono'. Check the settings in your 'Output Routing'. See if this is checked

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    Use TRS to TRS cables and connect the S2 outputs into Input 3 and Input 5 on the Mackie. They are both Stereo channels so you'll be able to control your left and right channels independantly like this.
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