Headphones for Production (V-Moda M80/100, AKG K99, or Beyer dt770)
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    Default Headphones for Production (V-Moda M80/100, AKG K99, or Beyer dt770)

    I spend alot of time on the go, so I'm looking for a good set of headphones to produce while I'm away from my monitors. I already have my V-Moda LP2s for playing live, but they're too bassy for mixing.

    I produce mainly progressive trance/house, electro so the most important thing for me is mid clarity, comfort and clear bass. My budget is up to $250, and I'm considering the V-Moda M80 & M100, AKG K99 & the Beyerdynamic dt770. I'll be using them connected to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface or my MacBook. I don't want anything too expensive but I want to avoid alot of re-EQing and mixing when i get to my monitors.

    What would be the best pick in this situation?
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    Then you've got a hundred bucks leftover to spend on lapdances! I mean tunes.
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    The m100s are probably going to be a little too colored for producing. That is the only can on your list that I have experience with. Great cans for listening to music, not so much for producing with.

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    Sony MDR-V6


    Sony MDR-7502

    Both have been staple studio headphones for the past 25 years.

    Out of what you listed I'd go with the Beyerdynamic's - never been fond of how AKG's fit on my head.

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    as much as i love akg i completely hate the 99s.
    Go rather for the 701s, as i suggested in another thread.
    Little bass, but clear as hell.
    m50s are also extremely good, as are the sonys mentioned by deevey, even tho they tend to sound a bit "closed down"
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