Traktor Pro 2.0.3 Mapping for Denon MC3000
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    Default Traktor Pro 2.0.3 Mapping for Denon MC3000

    I am at a friends house trying to hook up his Denon MC3000.

    He's running Traktor Pro 2.0.3 on a MacBook Pro and it seems the MIDI mapping is corrupt.

    When I hit the CUE on DECK A it applies pitch bend to DECK A.

    Rather than fiddle with the Mapping, I want to re-install the Factory Map.

    Problem is I can only find a mapping for 2.5 on the Denon DJ website ????

    Anyone know if this mapping will work on 2.0.3?

    This shouldn't be so difficult.

    Thanks. Cheers.

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    Just found the mapping he tried to install. It only includes the mapping for the Denon MC 6000. This is the problem.


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    Does the Setup Wizard not list the MC3000?
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    I mean.. you can try using the mapping?

    MC3000 came out quite a bit after the MC6000. I'm pretty sure when TP2.5 was already released when the MC3000 was released. Your best bet is to post on denondj.

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    Seems like ONLY the MC6000 is listed in the wizard.

    Which means we have two options:

    #1 Upgrade to 2.5

    #2 manually map it.

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    the 2.5 mapping did NOT work on 2.0.3. lol

    the jog wheels were controlling the pitch faders.

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    NI had made some changes to jog wheel commands in 2.5 but the pitch fader command stays the same. It sure looks like a author of the factory map got tempo adjust mapped to jog in first place.

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    hahahaha. What a nightmare!

    So I decided to just use Virtual DJ LE.

    I test the knobs and faders. Everything seems to working fine.

    It has 4 decks on the screen and the browser font is tiny and barely readable. I can't find the settings anywhere to change this crap.

    I hit play and the whole party screams and starts dancing, "Woooooo!!!!"

    I use the browser knob and select the next track. When I hit the "Load DECK B" button, Deck A stops and cues to the first beat. lol


    So I just dragged and dropped the rest of the night.

    Had a great time and mixed flawlessly for 4 hours on that shit.

    Thank you VDJ.


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