Linked CDJ-2000 and Serato Problem
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    Default Linked CDJ-2000 and Serato Problem


    Yesterday we played a DJ set whereby the previous DJ had the two CDJ2000s linked with USB.

    Loading the serato control CD into the slave CDJ and chosing DISC sent a scrambled control signal to our Serato. This scramble appeared to be caused by the USB link still being in place. Obviously this scrambled signal meant we could not mix our first track and we ended up having to fade out the previous DJs track, switch off the CDJ, unplug the ethernet and start our set from scratch.

    This is the second time this has happened, so we have a couple of questions:

    1. Is it common knowledge/practise that you are required to unlink the CDJs prior to using CDs? Or is that specific to using a CD with a control signal?

    2. What is the process to follow to unlink a slave CDJ from the master CDJ containing the USB without disrupting the flow of music?

    Your help will be appreciated! It caused quite a bad entry into our set!

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    Something similar has happened to me twice recently although I only play CD's. When I pressed DISC on the CDJ-2000's I still was not able to play my music and the CDJ appeared to be accessing music from somewhere else but it wasn't my music. Obviously this created a bad situation b/c I could not begin my set. I think somebody had a USB drive in there and apparently both CDJ-2000's were linked so even after somebody helped me get my music playing on one CDJ, the same thing happened again on next mix.

    Can somebody pls explain what needs to be done to unlink (if that's the right terminology) and allow me to play music just from a CD because just hitting DISC does not seem work!

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