Traktor glitching isnt a latency issue
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    Default Traktor glitching isnt a latency issue

    I have been using Traktor Pro on the same computer with an S2 since January and it has worked perfectly. Without any updates or changes it seems to have this really digitized glitchy popping noise in the background. I have read everywhere about latency problems and have tried to change every setting in my traktor and on my computer but that has changed nothing. I have also downloaded a third party latency program and it is showing that my audio is perfectly fine for live performance. I have no idea what could cause this problem as i literally just turned on my computer and it didnt work right after working fine earlier in the day. any thoughts?

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    What is your letency set at? To completely rule it out as a problem set it to something over 30ms and see if it still glitches.
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