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    Default FX fundamentals KNOB

    in the post: http://www.djtechtools.com/2008/04/2...ntals-filters/

    what knob do you set it to? - (of course the obvious response is "whatever knob you want it to") but I'm looking at my vci and wondering which knob is best to use?

    I currently use the original vci/traktor .tks no ....no fancy .tks templates, other than this 'superknob' I'd like to add. Any suggestion as to what would be a good choice?

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    well, you can always set it to effect knob 1. Hell, you can set A to effect knobs 1 and 2 (1: knobs 1&2 and 2: knobs 3&4) and knobs 3 and 4 the same for deck B, so you can have a bit more control over two effects at once. Hell, you can then use the switch to change the controls so when the LED is next to A knob 1 controls knobs 2 and 4 or something... that could be a fun little trick

    Really, it's whatever works for you. If you use the three band EQ but don't use the mid-low pot for the kill make it that one.

    you can reverse map it to your volume controls so as you lower the volume the effect amount goes up, and you turn on that bandpass filter and it just fades away as the volume lowers...

    I should try that....

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