The business and legal end of remix work - LOOKING FOR ANSWERS
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    Default The business and legal end of remix work - LOOKING FOR ANSWERS

    I recently approached a musician friend of mine after his album recently came out (his album is rock music mostly). I told him, your album inspires me, how about getting a techno remix made by a DJ I know? That DJ's won top awards for his remix work so that song would be in good hands. I recently set up a call the musician and the remixer to meet each other and talk. Soon after that emails started flying the remixer and the owner of the song's rights, etc. in other words, this baby's on its way. So I'm excited about that.

    The remix project will be done for no money, the remixer (who's a very good friend of mine) simply asking for the musician to make himself available for vocals work on a future project of his, should the need come up.

    still, he will get his lawyer involved, as per expectations, and have him draw up a simple remix agreement.

    My question (finally!) is the following: how can I remain relevant to this project as it goes through its evolution? It was my idea after all. That said, I'm not looking for a payout. I had an idea, and seeing that idea lead to an actual remix that will be played in the clubs is reward enough (I really admire the musician and want him to be successful, tapping into a new kind of demographic could help that). But I still want to make sure that this will always be known as my idea (ego and all, and on principle).

    Should I ask the remixer to include my name in the simple remix agreement? But in what capacity? Creative producer, for example? does that even exist? obviously I don't want to ruffle any feathers. And everyone involved probably knows that this was my idea. Once the project gets past the seminal stage, I'm technically out of the picture since I'm not making any further contributions (and all discussions will be between engineers, remixer, artist, etc).

    Can I say that I want to be the artist's exclusive representation on this project?

    Or, should I just ask everyone to keep cc'ing me on all emails?

    I'm just not sure how to go about this.

    Thanks to anyone who can offer any input or advice on this.


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    You could pull a DJ Khaled, he doesn't contribute anything musically but he always yells his name in the start of every song

    Jokes aside, I personally think you should just let it be. I'm sure they all appreciate you setting everything up, but if the real meat of the project (the music) is done by others; they should get that credit. I'm sure both artists appreciate that you set this up, and will get you back some how in the future

    Hope that helps!
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    All i can say is wow lol. Trying to get credit for doing what exactly..? Being the friend in between.

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    Nah. Nada for you. I mean, maybe a couple of pints
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    If this doesn't work out how you like and you want creative credit without really doing anything you can always get some tracks ghost written that you can put your name on.

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    I would ask for a free high five and that's it. You had no part in the creation of the original, the work on the remix or any of the creative processes. All you did was connect 2 friends.
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    No dude. Just no.

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    you are hanging with a DJ and the lead singer of a band ... sounds like you're getting VIP tix to Pussyfest 2013.

    enjoy the perks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedsdead
    Creative producer, for example?
    It is literally taking ALL of my will power not to respond to your original post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    It is literally taking ALL of my will power not to respond to your original post.

    You need to lack self control like me hah :P

    Hes looking for answers guys ) heh

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