Hi guys.
I have recently moved from DJing on CDJ's to a Traktor based system (TA10, 2 X1s, F1, Maschine, Xone 92).

However, i have just started a new project is which is more like electronic rock where i play guitars and also need to control the rest of the audio and have a vocalist who will sing. The performance does not need to non stop so its not like a DJing situation. My confusion is how to take this live. I also use ableton live in the studio and have a launchpad. I could have different song sections as loops and be triggering them but that would not give me much room for live improv.

One possibility is to play the basic song stem in one of the traktor track decks and trigger loops, one shots fx via the F1 or Maschine.

Or i could do the show on ableton live with mapped controllers for FX etc.
My confusion in how do i go from one song to another, they would not only have many loops, but different tempos, plug-ins, etc. Exiting a song and loading a new one would not be possible on stage. Tracktor would be easier this way as it has faster load times. Then, if all my main drums and one shots were coming from Maschine, it too would need to be loaded for every song.

So, its the moving from one project to another on stage which is confusing me.

In another band where i have to trigger complete song sections, i just take Launchpad and my F1. Each songs parts are on a column in Ableton Live, the encoder in F1 is mapped to tempo. I trigger complete song sections as one loop from launchpad and have very basic reverbs, filter, delays mapped to the F1 knobs/fader, beat repeats on the pads. But this way i effect the whole song loop, not individual parts. I would like some improv ability with individual parts for this new project of mine.

I would really appreciate advice on this matter, plz share your experience on whats the best way of going about this.