Advanced DJ (mixing) techniques
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    Default Advanced DJ (mixing) techniques

    Hi guys, my first thread on this forum.

    A few months ago I 'discovered' the camelot wheel for harmonic mixing, it helped me making my sets more fluent and coherent. By now this techniques hasn't got any secrets for me anymore, at the moment I'm searching for some new, advanced mixing techniques.

    If you have got any advice, tips, websites, books, ... don't hesitate telling me!


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    Check out DJ Angelo on youtube.

    Specifically his Trick Mixing and Funy Turntablism videos.
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    Hi Gérald

    I'm pretty green so I may not have any help but I have the same deisre. The following seems obvious but I'll post away.

    Camelot Wheel using Traktor's new "Open Key" notation

    link to the free book on the mixedinkey site
    "Beyond Beatmatching - Take Your DJ Career to the Next Level"

    Traktor tips galore youtube channel

    This guy has been posting for years some info may seem basic but basics are key in advancing.
    ellaskins youtube channel

    Mostly I get influenced mostly by listening to the work from other artists. Once I find a mix I like I sometimes listen to the tracks in the playlist un mixed I then can deconstruct the mix in my head. I'm careful to not mimic the mix but instead learn and feel why the effects, transitions, playlist order etc is used and apply that to my own style.
    Dedicated "Post your '10 Minute Mix' or MINImix" thread

    I think the advanced mixing occurs when the skills you learn in sound manipulation allows your own unique style to be expressed fully.

    Best regards,
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    Default Answer Patch and Kanoa

    Hey guys, thanks for the real fast response!

    First of all thanks Patch for the link to DJ Angelo, eventhough I use digital gear the video taught me alot about rythm, scratching and 'expand' my routine sets.

    Secondly, Kanoa, I appreciate the links you've posted and the time you took to explain to me how you get influenced by other, bigger(?) DJs. I've been doing pretty much the same thing, for the deconstruction part etc. And I can honestly say your conclussion was one of the best advices I ever had involving DJing.

    Allthough I am thankful for the councel, my search to certain techniques (similar to the camelot wheel) continues. Perhaps we could add more FX or use the BPM circle aswell (
    On my behalf the harmonic circle gave me a new creative insight, now that I've 'mastered' it, there's an emptyness (I'm not depressed or anything, my English just isn't good enough to express myself ) or a crave to learn new things!

    Thank you both, you've certainly helped me further!
    Kind regards

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