Using with Maschine - Which Controller Template?
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    Default Using with Maschine - Which Controller Template?

    I love the sounds of the Samplepacks, and I feel like I am being lazy in trying to get them to work in the included Samplepack player - nevertheless, I am confused by things not quite working out of the box...

    1) The video says to use the "Midi" mode of Maschine. However, ther is no universal MIDI mode for Maschine. There are templates. Should we use just a blank template? This doesn't seem to work. Should we use the Abelton Live Template? This also doesn't seem to work - and by doesn't work, what I am seeing is that most of the time, all pads on Maschine seem to be triggering the same pad on the Soundpack player. So MIDI communication works - but it seems like there is a mismatch of midi notes/control values. I am using Maschine Mk2 - I don't know if that makes a difference. It shouldn't.

    2) Video shows numbered samples. Unzipped Soundpacks are not numbered... I take it that it is an excercise for the user to number their own samplepack sounds?

    3) Has anyone gone through the process of producing native Maschine based projects/kits for these samplepacks? Is that even possible - where the samples are required from one source (djtechtools), and the Maschine kits/projects are from another source?

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    Go into midi mode by hitting shift midi then go to bank c

    Right now there is only one pack prenumbered since its just a beta test, not an official release.

    They are not in native maschine kit mode but that is planned
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