Traktor Kontrol F1 Trouble
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    Default Traktor Kontrol F1 Trouble

    Hi guys,

    a couple of months ago, I bought a Traktor Kontrol F1. I've been having toruble however coming up with ways of how to implement it in a Dj set. The only demo videos I found are some crazy Dj Shiftee routines, but I was hoping to use it by creating live remixes and stuff. Do you guys have any tips on that?

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    Start collecting barebones loops, like simple hi hats, kicks and snares. In fact, this page here has a video showing how to make your own, pretty much tailored to the songs you want. The way I use it is to create an overarching theme to my sets, which more often than not with the current deep house craze is bongo-type percussion loops that gel everything together. There's a fine line between using it too much and not using it all.
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    I personally at first to try using it like that, and had no success (at least in practice never tried it live that way), so what I'm doing now is using it on midi mode, so using it to beatjuggle/cuejuggle an throw some fx on the tracks.
    Try that if not. Maybe it helps.

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    I have also tried using it to create my own remixes but its really tricky. I mostly use it for one shots and name drops type things. I also have played with using a remix set as a transition between songs. I also use it in midi mode a lot with my own mapping for creating hot cues. Its good for planning out a set and preforming it. I am also a huge fan of Tekken's effect mapping

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    I have remix sets devoted to scratch sentences (that aren't necessarily in any of my tracks) and beats for juggles/routines. I have other remix sets of good transitional beats that help me to mix to different genres or keys or aesthetics, and others over which I like to get on the mic.

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    How I use mine is open up acapellas, instrumentals and fx loops I love in FL studio, edit them in a way I know will work in my sets, bounce down, master, then load them into the F1 ready to fire off whenever I need...a nice simple vocal stab loop goes along way.
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