Help with my Novation Impulse!
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    Default Help with my Novation Impulse!

    Hello guys I'm new on this page... So here's the thing, I bought a MIDI, right? It's a Novation Impulse 61 keys, I've playing with it so far, I use Ableton and I discovered stuff by myself, I don't really know about this so.. I have TRAKTOR 2.5, I looked on the web for hours for a something about how to map my Novation with TRAKTOR and I haven't found anything yet. I don't know if I spent money in something that is not gonna worth it... I'm sorry for being ignorant or something. I just don't know, I'm new with this and I wanna go big, make steps by steps and be a good DJ/Producer. I kinda mix with Ableton but I wanna learn even more, so I need help people. I really wanna be a DJ/Produce, I wanna work hard and play hard.

    If someone can teach me or help me please message me or reply this post

    Thanks everyone, later.
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