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    After some time with my passive Yamaha NS10....i switched over to Event 20/20 monitors.....but the sound got to colored due to the amplifier i was using.
    Last year i switched to KRK VXT6 monitors which are in my opinion fantastic.
    Good lows....with some very good mid and high....which give me a perfect indication were to go to with my productions and or mixes.

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    Default Rokits are the best

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Panda View Post
    Thanks guys, reading this has been really useful, but I still have a few questions (sorry, a lil bit of thread hijacking).

    My budget is pretty flexible up to 600, but I obviously want to spend as little money as possible.

    I am brand new to producing, but I am confident I will carry it on, and don't want to lose money buying twice/three times like I did when starting DJing upgrading my equipment fairly rapidly.

    Before reading this I had my heart set on Rokits or the new Reloop Waves, but would I be better off spending some more and getting the VXT4s or 6s?

    Also is there very little difference in the quality between different sizes?

    If I got Rokits/waves I would also use them for DJing and general listening. Would I be able to do this with VXTs or similar?
    I prefer KRK Rokit 5 G3 still. The sound is really clear.


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    I am a huge fan of both Adam Audio and Yamaha for active monitors.
    - Equipment - 2X Technics 1200, 2X Audio Technica ATLP1240, 2X XDJ700, 2X XDJ1000 MK2, Denon DNX-1100, Mixars DUO, DJM750 MK2, NI Audio 10, NI Aduio 4, Serato SL3, 4X Shure M44-7, 2X Ortofon Pro S, 2X Numark Groove Tool, Maschine MK3, Samson Carbon 49, Roland SE-02, Novation Launchcontrol, TouchOSC, Nocation Peak, Arturia MiniBrute, Korg Volca Kick, MicroKorg (Classic), NI Komplete Audio 6

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    Default Switch it up.

    I use the following in my home studio.


    - Cheap skullcandy brand earbuds (consumer end)
    - Cheap JBL earbuds (consumer end)
    - Sony MDR 700 Dj headphones (highs and vocals)
    - AKG K240 (good flat response) semi open back
    - Beyerdynamic DT990 (all around great and comfy headphones good frequency response) open back.

    Studio Monitor/ reference speakers:

    - JBL LSR 305 (shows more than enough low end)
    - KRK rokit 5 II (nice n flat. more mids and highs.)
    - Yamaha NS-10M STUDIO (mid range all day)
    - internal laptop speaker (crap sound single driver) (can pick up imperfections in highs / vocals)
    - 808 sp435 (small BTspeaker) single driver (consumer end reference)
    - Home tv sound bar (consumer end)
    - THE CAR (consumer end) make sure your eq is set to FLAT.
    - Smart phone speaker. (highs and vocals / consumer end.)

    You should use every source available to you and switch often during track production.
    Start off with whatever monitors you can afford and build from there.

    The consumer usually doesn't listen to music on high dollar monitors. 99% are BT speakers, and earbuds.

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