mixer problem - channel down, sound coming out
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    Default mixer problem - channel down, sound coming out

    Hello all,

    I have an A&H Xone 22 2-channel mixer - just recently I've started to get sound coming out at a low but very audible level when either channel slide is all the way down. Problem exists in both the left and right channel, whether im using the turntable output or cdjs. I recorded myself to see if the problem exists past the speakers and you can hear the track being cue'd in the background during breakdowns of the track that is playing - not good.

    Has anyone experience this problem before on this or any other mixer and is there a quick fix?

    This is the third problem ive had with this mixer in less than 2 years...Love it when it works right but this is getting frustrating.

    Any help is appreciated - thanks!

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    Its called fader bleed. From what i looked up for you real quick, this seems to be a common issue with xone 22's unfortunately.
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    Its quite common on Xone 62s aswell, although its a different fader I believe.

    There quite simple to change open the mixer up and remove the fader unclip/pull the 5 pin terminal out and replace with a new one.


    That fader was the first I found so you may be able to find it cheaper.

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    I'd start off cleaning the fader with something like this - a build up of carbon on the tracks is the usual cause of fader bleed:


    Of course if that doesn't work go with replacing them.

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