First paid club gig and need advice?
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    Default First paid club gig and need advice?

    Im new to the club scene although I did play many private parties.
    So im playing at a club locally this weekend and I need some advice about wiring. I own a VCI-100 and a Echo Audiofire 2 soundcard with Traktor Pro. So all im asking is what should i bring wiring wise so that I know that my gear hooks up with no troubles. I usually just bring a couple of rca to XLR wires that run from my soundcard to the clubs XLR wires. Is this sufficient enough to bring? or do i need to bring other hook ups just incase?
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    I believe common practice is to bring whatever your soundcard uses to RCA cables and plug into the club's mixer.

    The only way to be sure is to go to the club and check out the gear there before your show.

    Best of luck!
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    Honestly, you're best bet is to bring a set of XLR, quarter inch and RCA converters that hook up to whatever cables run out of your box.

    That way, no matter what the club uses you're probably golden.
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    yes, keep a macguyver connection kit in your gig bag. longer cables will keep you safe in case you have to run them across the booth. also expect to lose a few on the floors of dark booths every once in a while. the cable goblins are merciless.

    another thing that's saved me in the past were long usb cables. there have been plenty of times my laptop was relegated to a corner of a booth four or five feet away from my controller.

    also, the stanton uber stand will help out a lot in crowded spaces.

    good luck and have fun!

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