Planning to upgrade from T3 to Tpro 1.2 - questions!
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    Default Planning to upgrade from T3 to Tpro 1.2 - questions!

    Hey guys,

    i`ve some questions and i hope that i can get some answers:

    I`m currently using Traktor 3 on my laptop. All tracks are beatgridded. All is working fine and I`m using the autosync to mix. Now I plan to upgrade T3 to Tpro. I tried the 1.2 version on another computer and played a litte bit with the sync. But theres no auto sync any more.
    Every time i like to sync the tracks i have to press the sync button before starting a track. Is there something that i`m missing? I`d like Tpro to do the same like T3. Is there a way to manage that?
    Is there a way to transport all my mp3s WITH the beatgrids and playlists from T3 to Tpro? How can I do that? I tried to import the mp3s but all the beatgrids where gone. Dont want to do all the work again because in the meantime I have over 1000 mp3s...
    I would like to go with tpro 1.2 because i like the effects and loop section. Its really better than the t3 version. But if theres no solution for my problems I`m staying with t3.
    So another question is: I`m planning to buy a VC-100 SE from djtechtools. Can I use it with t3 without probems? Is there a midi mapping for t3?

    phew...a lot of questions...hope to get some answers from you guys.
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you want to keep the Sync lit up then you turn off "Reset Deck Controls at Load" or whatever it's called and set your sync mode to Manual.

    Make sure you "Write to Tag" in T3 before you transfer the collection. Then open the collection in TPro. The beatgrids and cues should transfer. The beatgrid won't be locked because that feature isn't in T3, but you can go through the collection as you use it and lock it.

    The one thing, though, is that Traktor Pro will redetect the BPM after you load it in. This is a pain in the ass for people who have larger collections. I think there's a way to set it to not write to tag, so after you analyze it you could, theoretically, re-add it to your collection and all should be good.
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