Hi all, long time lurker and in need of some advice.

I have been djing for around a year now using traktor and a mixtrack but I want to upgrade to a dvs setup after playing on a friends every other day, too much fun. The problem I am having deciding is what mixer to get I'd prefer a sound card and a mixer separately, opposed to one built in, as i think it will allow more portability. I really don't want to be lugging a mixer and my laptop around when I want to play out of the house.

So far Im thinking on the following:
Pair of 1210s (already own)
Audio 6

I am leaning towards the djm250 but are there any other mixers people can recommend? I play mainly house but I'm in to everything and like to play around with whatever I can get my hands on. I'd like to learn how to scratch so have been looking at the dj tech dif1s but not sure how this would work with general mixing. I have a bit of a vinyl collection I inherited so would like to be able to use these as well as timecode at the same time.

I don't want to spend more than 250 on a mixer but if there is anything out there for a *bit* more I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks all in advanced.