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    Hello all -

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, I didn't see anything in the forums. Please direct me to a post if one exists.

    I am curious what people recommend and using for USB hubs. I am trying to go pretty minimal on the travel side, so ideally a self powered hub seems to be what I would like with 4 ports min.

    But really, don't limit this post to what I want, I would like to hear what people have found is working well for them.

    I have had a few hubs go bad on me, so I don't think its just a matter of pick your favorite looking one.

    Cheers -

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    its in the FAQ along with a whole heap of other good info -

    USB Hub Latency-

    Please keep usb hub discussion to the hub thread i linked to, closing this thread to keep that one as informative as possible.

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