The innofader equiped AKAI APC 40 (with short demo vid)
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    Default The innofader equiped AKAI APC 40 (with short demo vid)

    First off this is not a video of me trying to show off my leet scratching skills, rather its a video of me showing off some of the capabilities of my modified APC40 and TRAKTOR Scratch PRO 2, featuring a turntable height enclosure and innofader hack. I know alot of DJs , myself included, have been wanting a mixer/controller that can handle scratches AND have tons of midi real estate for mapping needs.the Akai APC40 had all the right components but the stock fader isnt good for cuts, and now you have things like the Z2 and the DJtech DIF-1s, which do feature innofaders, but are seriously lacking in the button/ knob department. After being one click from ordering a Z2 and having a midi controller hanging out somewhere in my setup to do everything but scratch, i decided to try this hack with my broken APC40. (the usb hub had broken, and i replaced it,) hence it coming back from the dead like christ, and then having other parts bolted on , like frankenstein... finally......FRANKENCHRIST APC was born.

    the hack itself was relatively simple, requiring only a dremel tool to cut away and sand down the existing fader mount as its too small to house the innofader :[ and then to come up with a taller box to make the apc turntable height.( and also house the bottom of the fader which sticks out the bottom of the apc) i was lucky enough to have a friend that could laser cut me one from stainless steel, but you could use wood or some other more easily workable material.

    i have been extremely happy with the results, the only thing i would change if i was going to build this from scratch would be to put in slightly nicer potentiometers for the eqs as the akai stock ones are a little wimpy, and i would also locate the eq banks ABOVE the button grid rather than next to it.
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    That's sick man!

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    I even mailed Elliott Marx about this.

    He said if I could give him dimentions etc, they could look into it....but I would have to mock it up myself.

    I was thinking of using the Innobender...with the L extension to the Fader Stock....but did not end up doing it.
    I got a Xone22 instead and put the Innofader in there.

    Well fucking done my friend!
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    Absolutely awesome!!

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    Thanks for checking it out guys, it's really a dream come true to have it come out this good. I need to let Elliot know the outcome...
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    that gater effect really makes it sound like a legit boomerang haha nice man

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    nice! im sure the video doesn't do the smoothness of the fader justice though.
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    Yah I really didn't have time , or skills to make the video I'd have liked to make, I apologize. Thanks for checking it out tho
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