Well here are my thoughts on my current situation.

Currently Im using a Hercules RMX and a nice beefy laptop for DJing. However, Im not happy with the work flow.

I had a chance to play with my friends xponent and that was alot of fun, the work flow was simple, no need to press this button to engage that function ect.

I suppose my biggest problem with the rmx is there simply arent enough buttons and knobs. lack of led lit buttons is a pain, and I find myself craving touch sensitive jogs more and more.

Before 1.2 came out I was ready to get the arcade edition controller.

However Im weary for the following reasons:

4 fx slots! Seems like the work flow will change dramatically and the vci100 doesnt seem capable of handling 4slots effectively.

4 decks: What are peoples experience mixing on 4 decks with the vci100? Is it ok switching between ab/cd with soft take over? relative mode?

I admit, Im not the best in designing midi mappings, Im fairly happy with how my rmx has been remapped, but I crave for more control. The VCI100 seems to be honestly be the best controller on the market.

I really like the idea of the scs3 series, but no knobs or buttons is a mild turn off for me, besides Im not sure how accurate it is, feed back on that would be great.

The xponent is another great piece (love the kaos pad!) but its too big and seems like they could manage space better, also looking like a toy is a very mild turn off.

I really want to be able to have great intuitive control over traktor utilizing all its amazing features.