how to use Traktor Scratch Pro with Conectiv ??
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    Default how to use Traktor Scratch Pro with Conectiv ??

    hi everybody !!

    i am looking for a couple of days to find out how to use traktor timecode cds with the Conectiv.

    I tried everything, all the older versions of the Traktor... searched for all the forums.. no way!! I can use my Conectiv with Torq and Virtual DJ very easily but when i press Play on Traktor Scratch Pro, it is not starting... Is there any trick for that??

    I did every preference right and also the drivers correct...

    Windows XP SP3
    Traktor Scratch Pro

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    Short answer is that it's not supported.

    TSP vinyl control only works with specific audio interfaces (i.e. Native Instruments Audio 8, as well as "Traktor Certified" mixers). There are ways (hacks, basically) to get TSP to accept other interfaces, but a) doing so is not recommended and not supported by NI, and b) I don't know what any of them are on Windows, or if the ones I've heard about on the Mac are even still working in TSP 1.2.x.
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