Kontrol x1 help with pitch bend please
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    Default Kontrol x1 help with pitch bend please

    Hi Guys can you help please,I'm trying to get the pitch bend buttons on my kontrol x1 to be more responsive,in preferences I have pitch bend set to progressive sensitivity and set to about 60%.
    I want it to bend more like a cd player.
    Any suggestions for setting to make it more responsive yet controllable.thanks

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    If you figure it out post back here, been wondering the same myself.
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    What do you mean by more responsive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlvrDragon50 View Post
    What do you mean by more responsive?
    I find that it either does not bend enough or bends too much,I'm trying to get the same feel as you would with the plus minus buttons on for example a denon cd player.or nudging the platter of a cdj

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    It seems that NI did some changes here. In 2.6.1 I made this using a trick with the Jog Turn command (relative mode) and mapped to the button. From there I could simply adjust sensitivity to adjust the pitch amount. Just did try that mapping in .6 and didn't worked.

    Can somebody please test this in 2.6.2 and report back?

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