Kontrol z2 issues
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    Default Kontrol z2 issues

    hi there brodas, i writing īcause i bought a Kontrol Z2 a few month ago, and in general iīm a very happy costumer. Everything all right... just with traktor. Sadly, i was trying to use with other software like REASON and VDJ, and the only out that you can use is the "MASTER", for example, In VDJ i canīt set up outs 1&2 for deck A and 3&4 for deck B, the same with de INS.

    I got a little little message like "problems with core audio" when iīm trying to do this.

    I have a macbook with OSX 10.7.5. I think the problem is the driver for OSX.

    Thanks for any response or feedback!

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    The Z2 mixes internally with software. You can't output things to each physical channel.
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