Mix Down/Mastering A DJ Mix in Ableton
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    Default Mix Down/Mastering A DJ Mix in Ableton

    I have started doing the mix down process for a mix i have been working on and i have watched a number of very helpful videos but none of them really were directed towards a dj mix rather they were directed towards finishing a track created from scratch. While most of the principals still apply i was wondering how i should place my tracks in the stereo field through out the mix. I am mixing with alot of acapellas on top of heavy bass tracks, so im not sure if the driving bass track should be in the center and have the acapella sitting on the sides of the mix or if it even matters. Any advice on this topic or on the mix in general would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Not sure with Ableton, but throw your mix into audacity, and make sure you have no high and low volume parts that will stand out to the listener. Also, be careful when you are compressing anything that you don't squash your bass and make it muddy. Keep those punchy kicks punchy.
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    Im super confused op

    Are you trying to master a mix(ex. 10 songs mixed into eachother) If so im confused as to what the purpose is. Thats what mixing is all about to begin with.

    If your trying to mixdown your own song or something then worry about eqs, put a spectrum on all your tracks and find out what clashes, if you can't take the ew away, try sidechaining it or ducking parts out with a kick.

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