Samples on CDJ-2000
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    Default Samples on CDJ-2000

    I saw some video on Tips and Tricks on the CDJ-2000, where the guy assigned cue points to other tracks than the on that was playing. I can't find it now

    So let's say he was playing 50 Cent - In Da club on Deck 2 he would press hot cues 1-3 on Deck 2 and it would trigger cue points from other tracks. Let's say Hot Cue 1 was "Everybody Dance Now". Cue 2 was "hit it" etc.

    How do you do this again? Something to do with Rekordbox and saving it.



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    i remember seeing this on the 1000, i didn't know the 2000 could do it.

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    I found it.

    Starts at 4:20

    The bit at 3:45 is pretty dumb. Why would the CDJ "HOLD" and trigger a HOT CUE from a previous track?
    This is a recipe for disaster. What is the benefit of this feature???

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    Quote Originally Posted by 031999 View Post
    i remember seeing this on the 1000, i didn't know the 2000 could do it.
    No way. The 1000 doesn't even support Rekordbox.


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    OH now I see. You can't load a HOT CUE BANK while a track is playing on the same player.

    That's the glitch.

    You have to load the HOT CUE BANK first. Then load the track and the HOT CUES will remain in Memory.

    This forces you to map out your set before you play out or you have to load you HOT CUE BANKS onto a third CDJ-2000.

    Kind of dumb. Oh well.

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    CDJs are mental mate.
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    What're you on about?

    CDJs dont use "hot cues" in the way that a DVS does, they have 3 separate banks of ROM linked to a playhead value, that loads and arms the track and the "cue" point (this is why "auto load hot cues" is such a mess on the new decks, it was never intended to be used like that). When you "load" a hot cue onto the deck, it loads the track into the cue switch's ROM bank, thus allowing you to trigger it. The result is that you can jump in between tracks with cues, or use the ROM as a "sampler" irrespective of the loaded track (it doesn't override the current soft cue point).

    It's got nothing to do with RB, it's just the technology that Hot Cues were invented with, you'll notice that a loaded Hot Cue doesnt disappear until you turn the deck off or overwrite it, even if you load a new track.

    Hot Cue Banks are just a RB aggregate of 3 Hot Cues anywhere in your library, that you can load up with a single press, it saves you the trouble of loading and arming 3 different tracks and cues.

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    ^^^ What he said. I'm pretty sure you can do this on a 1000 too as long as the songs are on the same CD. The 1000 even has a little SD slot or something that lets you store cue points as I recall. (You can tell I've used that feature, heh). But I was "sampling" with the CDJ-1000 mk1 when it first came out; loved that feature.
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    you don't get it. watch the video one more time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loverocket View Post
    you don't get it. watch the video one more time.
    I literally explained everything in the video, what still don't you get?

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