Speaker setup help???
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    Default Speaker setup help???

    I just got two makie th15a and I also got two 1/4 to male xlr and 2 1/4 to female xlr cables and there is a lot of static when I run the wires from the out ports of the back of my s2 to the speakers, they still play just with static. Does this static go away when they play really loud and cover it up?? Is there anyway to get rid of this!!!! Thanks!!!!! Even when the xlr isnt plugged into the back of the speaker and its on there is still static, Is this a bad speaker??

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    If there is nothing hooked up to the speakers and you are still getting static, it's the speakers. I would plug the speakers into a different outlet on a different breaker to make sure that you are not encountering some weird power issue. Is it an old building?
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