Serato with a BRILLIANT move...
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    Default Serato with a BRILLIANT move...

    This is awesome. Traktor better get one of these remote apps quick.
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    I have some special hardware for's called a mouse...

    To be serious....i use f.i. my iPad together with touchOSC to control Logic Pro....but i am still not sold if this is the way to go.
    I better like physical knobs/buttons iso. an ipad which takes in my opninion way more time to set a certain specific value.

    Edit..: Owww....btw...17.99 Euro....
    A bit much for me for a TouchOSC alike app....
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    Neither of the Serato or Traktor apps do what DJs really need, and that's what RekordBox does, track prep. Controller wise, the only thing they excel at is XY pads.

    FWIW, the Serato app looks like it was designed by a 17 year old doing a computing A-level, and Traktor looks like it was designed by a 17 year old who pirated Photoshop. Both pointless money grabs that could have been implemented way better. The Z1 is a step in the right direction though, with the tablet replacing the laptop which is the end game of the current generation of laptop DJing.
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