Serato remote ipad app. Also Scratch live 2.5.
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    Default New Serato Remote iPad app

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    Default Serato remote ipad app. Also Scratch live 2.5.

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    Dat interface.

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    Cool. Now they just need to finish with the SDJ updates for the remaining Itch controllers as opposed to every Numark controller that was ever in existence. Which may happen never. Which makes me a sad panda.
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    This is what I hoped Traktor DJ was for, oh well

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    Anyone having issues with SDJ locking up but iPad still playing and even able to navigate library but screen locks up on SDJ? Been having issues when I start rolling and triggering samples SDJ INTERFACE locks up but functionality on iPad continues to work no audio issues nothing...

    Important to note I am connected USB

    Doubt a processing power issues.... Intel core 2 x9100 8gb DDR3 twin ssd so kinda scratching my head can't decide f it was the update or the remote app

    Wouldn't mind a tab to show library that's be Stellar IMO instead of just navigation arrows min you if you use a que then you'd be fine way to loa samples right in it wouldn't be too bad also.. A view that was waveforms top half would be ok also but not required depending on style of djing you do and if you look at waveforms.
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    looks nice, great to finally have a better way to select which FX you wanna use

    That being said, wouldn't you still end up with Serato Face when looking to see what track to load, you can't see the track info to be loaded on the iPad right?

    IMO its a shame that this didn't address beatgridding, they really need a more elegant way to handle this especially for non-quant stuff, but guess it would be too much without making it a standalone
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    I agree that an actual library display (as per Pioneer's Remotebox) would be awesome. They've missed a trick with no video controls too. But I'm feeling the simplicity of the connection and stuff.

    I did a 15-minute walkthrough/first-look video:

    (Sorry if me posting the video seems a bit spammy, but I worked hard on it and I'm not getting paid by anyone, just trying to get the video out there).

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    Merged threads.

    Please keep everything related to the app and new update in this thread.

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    Well do you have a controller face when usuing a control or do you Develop a sense of where it all is to control. Beat gridsing is meh I don't use it at all with SDJ but library view would be stellar and if you could maximize the view more. But with that said a USB/hdmi 7inch LCD would be good too..

    I will have to dive more into it to see what my screen glitch issue is. And I inspect because some library navigation functionality is there it will get expanded on. Far more useful for existing setups then traktor app.

    I hope they keep the update pony running and address some obvious short comings. All in all position behind my na6 I really like the feel and control the Quick fx is great since can use them while doing loop rolls and stutters. Rest of hopes and dreams addresses in my posts from lastnight.

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