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    Hey guys,

    I currently have a kontrol x1 with a numark dj-io sound card and numark x5 mixer. Everytime I try to record my mix in traktor, it never works. Im pretty sure i have all my imports right. Not quite sure what Im doing wrong. Am I missing something in my setup? Does my setup not allow me to record? Any suggestions are a big help!


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    So, it sounds like you're running deck A and B from the DJ-IO to the left and right channels on the external Numark mixer. If that's the case, you can't record that way. The internal recorder from Traktor is intended for recording sets that you mix in internal mode... that is, it uses the software's mixer, EQ's, etc.

    There's a blog post on here that has some more info on recording mixes:

    Hopefully that helps!

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    Is your recording source set to internal?

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    your mixer doesn't have a record out and your sundcard no inputs, so there we probably have the problem...
    how i would go about this: connect one of your mixers outputs to your laptops mic input (or maybe the soundcards mic-in will work, though i read it was a "thru" input) while the other mixers output stays at the speakers of course. you might need to buy a fitting cable.
    you should then be able to record your mix with a audio-software like audacity (freeware). just dont mess with the mixers output volume while recording
    you cannot record inside traktor since you dont mix internally and don't have a soundcard that provides inputs as well as outputs.
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    You need to either get a soundcard with inputs for externally recording, or ditch the mixer and just record internally. Get yourself a TA6 and rock out mate
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