Hi Guys, This is my first DJTT forum post.

I am having some issues with a few different mappings, i run Traktor 2.6.2 with a denon Mc3000, and with an apc40. I have Downloaded the "PareDeSufrir APC40 MIDI Mapping v2.0.0" and for the denon i just use the standard "stock" mapping. I have the Denon to control decks A&B, and the APC40 to run decks C&D. So after i decided i liked the ParDeSufir mapping i went into the controller manager and changed it so that instead of it Running A&B changed all the assignments for DECK A to C and B to D. I basically just sorted the list by decks and changed it. after i did that everything seemed to work fine, except i cannot get the effects to work now. I did the edit of the mapping about a week ago and i remember it working then, but now it is not. I also have another conflict , where the fader #2 is mapped to contol the fader for DECK D it also adjusts the gain for DECK C. I have looked for another command mapped to it, but there is none. I dont understand the modifiers either. I also prefer to use my spacebar for expanding/collapsing the browser. That has broke itself as well. If i try to add a new command for it, i create the new function, and then hit learn, and it works, but when i take it off learn it breaks again. If someone could take a look at my mapping and tell me what im doing wrong that would be great. I have a gig at a festival this coming weekend but have been getting frusterated because i cannot get this to work properly, and i would love to just focus on making a sweet set instead of tinkering around with these settings. Im stumped Thank you