Ok. So I've been trying to figure out why mikro (mk2) won't work in traktor . I called tech support and they couldn't help with it (quite rudely if i may add).I also watched about a thousand youtube vids but I couldn't solve it.

SO, I use a traktor s2 and want to use mikro as a midi controller. Traktor won't receive a midi signal from mikro. The s2 works fine and always has. I imported the mikro mk2 tsi file into traktor from my template support documents in the NI folder. It shows on my hardware that the mapping is there ( hot cues and stuff ) but traktor is not recognizing mikro. I tried the setup wizard and it doesn't find mikro either. I have also tried every combination possible for in and out ports.

Additional info : I use an hp laptop ,windows 8 ,i3 processor ,4 gigs of ram. I have the newest driver for traktor also. Also, I know mikro is sending midi because I can see it in the controller editor.

Thanks in advance for the help. I searched the forum already so I hope no one else posted on this already and I missed it.