Hey guys, this is all kind of new to me so you'll have to excuse my newbness. But I just recently purchased a Kontrol Z2 and made the switch from Vinyl to DVS. I'm still in the process of toying around and learning how to use all the Z2 and Traktor have to offer. But now that the remix decks are unlocked to mapping for all midi controllers, I've decided to give mapping my trigger finger a try.

At the moment all I'm going for is to have the pads control the first group of 16 cells like they would for decks C&D on the 4 pads on the Z2 and use 4 of the available knobs for controlling the slot volume. I was hoping there's a way to see how the pads on the Z2 are mapped and just duplicate their mapping to the pad on my trigger finger but it doesn't looks like they're displayed in the control manager.

So far by using "add in" and "learn" I've been able to map each pad to Remix Deck>Direct Mapping>Slot#>Slot# Cell# Trigger. This will in turn, start the deck and whichever cell/pad has been pushed. Pushing another pad/cell will trigger the new cell if it's in the same slot or start and swap between cells in other slots. It will also turn the Z2 pads to the corresponding colors in Traktor as if pad 1 was displaying slot 1's particular and continue to mute each slot 1-4 individually. It seems like the trigger finger is taking care of the Z2 deck C&D secondary functions but not the primary as the Z2 buttons are still needed to mute the slots.

It seems like I need to figure out a way to map the Z2 pad primary functionality to the pads and maybe some kind of shift button as well? I also attempted to map a knob to the remix deck slot volume control but had no luck. And I tried using a separate bank on the trigger finger to map a second set of slots and 16 cells to individual pads, however it seems like the pads use the same channel and notes regardless of bank, so there's some kind of conflict there. It would be nice if there were a way to tell Traktor to use the same mapping on slots 5-8 and cells 17-32 as already mapped on slots 1-4 and cells 1-16 when you click to the next row of remix decks, slot, cells whatever.

I hope this made sense and help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead!