Newbie needs help!
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    Default Newbie needs help!

    Hello there !

    this is my first thread so please don't scream at me
    I need help

    few days ago my friend gave me this
    Dj-tech djx 20 mix

    to make some tests and start mixing
    But he lost a CD with drivers I wanted to install on my PC (Win 7 64) but it's found as unknown device and i couldn't install it
    for couple of hours I was searching for some drivers/ advises how to install it but only thing i have found was that
    controler works with Mixvibes and after installing mixvibes i can use it
    the Problem is I dont have original mixvibes with serial numer and i dont know what to do
    is any other way to install this controller and use it in VDJ, tractor etc.. ?

    Please Help !

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    I used it before
    only thing i have found is that djx 20 mix works with mixvibes 3dex le

    which i can buy, thought there's another way to use it

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