Mixvibes Cross and CrossDJ 2.5 released
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    Default Mixvibes Cross and CrossDJ 2.5 released

    It's an amazing software that has become a lot better

    From their homepage
    Cross provides DJs with the relevant and professional tools which are needed in the modern age of Digital DJing, coupled with the best timecode Vinyl and CD emulation.
    Thanks to the perfect automated beat matching and new remix features, DJs can now focus on sampling, looping, audio FX and enjoy more creativity during their performances.
    Blend tracks seamlessly, create mash-ups in seconds and record smooth mixtapes. Indeed, the 2.5 version features build-in key detection and control, new full screen collection and more.
    Accurate Key detection for smooth harmonic mixes
    There's accurate build-in key detection right in Cross: no need for third party software anymore. Key can be displayed in classic notation or harmonic code, making it easy to find matching tracks.
    Key control and dynamic display
    Key is just as important as BPM. Cross displays it straight into the deck header. Match it automatically to the master deck, or change the pitch manually by semi-tones. The dynamic key display reflects those changes, and turns white when in harmony. 
    Browsing by key is now super easy: key compatible tunes are highlighted in bright orange. Focus on other search criterias, and the key still pops up. 
    Easy browsing with new full screen collection
    Selection is the heart of DJing. The collection view is now more intuitive than ever with the new mini-players. It gives more space to browse tracks, while keeping an eye on what’s playing. Additionally, you can now drag and drop tracks between players and samplers - useful when you have only one turntable or CDJ.
    Peak view markers : better understanding of track structure
    DJs are used to production software grids to understand a track’s structure. Cross is the first DJ application to show those markers on the track’s peak view, making it easy to mix musical phrases.
    Mapping for Pioneer DDJ-SX and more
    Mixvibes’ philosophy is to be as open as possible. Cross 2.5 introduces one to one mappings of the latest popular controllers: 
    Pioneer DDJ-SX 
    Numark 4TRAK, N4 and Mixdeck Quad
    Vestax Spin 2
    NI Kontrol S4 and X1
    What else is new in this update? 
    Add the possibility to assign several functions to one MIDI control. 
    If you already own a licence of Cross, you will find the free update on our Download center
    DJ setup 1 - Pioneer XDJ-Aero, Pioneer DDJ-SP1, Mixvibes Cross, Macbook Air 13", Pioneer HDJ 2000. DJ setup 2 - NI Kontrol F1, Z1, X1mkII, Traktor Pro2, Macbook Air 13", Pioneer HDJ 2000 w. Production - iMac 21.5", Motu 828x, Icon Qcon Pro + EX, Nektar Panorama P4, Propellerhead Reason, Mashine Mikro(drum programer in Reason)

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    Good job on making this feature DJ friendly. Usually semi-tone modification is really destructive for the sound quality, but MixVibes has made it very efficient. Cool idea too highlight mix suggestions and find new transition ideas. Sweet :-)))

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    Love the idea of highlighting harmonically compatible tracks. It's giving me a nuch of new ideas of natural trasitions !!! Thanks MixVibes, great feature :-)

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    its an awsome program, mixvibes always seems to stay ahead of the game, in my opinion best timecode solution ive dealt with....and ive dealt with ALL timecode solutions

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