Hey guys,

This is my first post to these forums but have frequented DJTT in the past for troubleshooting. I recently bought a Kontrol z1 since I am trying to get a more mobile setup. I ran the set-up wizard on traktor in hopes of setting the z1 up quickly.. Little did I know that I needed to be running traktor 2.6.2 so i could get a mapping for the z1. So the z1 and my midifighter are set up but as I went to select the kontrol x1 mapping to default it did not give me the option to select the default mapping or user mapping.

This is exactly what I see when I try to select a mapping for the x1. Notice how there is no arrow next to kontrol x1.

TL;DR Does anyone have the .tsi file for the default mapping for the kontrol x1?

-Thanks for your time in advance