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    Default Making Ableton more Elastic

    Somebody please tell me that I am able to do this! =]
    So in Ableton Live version 8 at least you can assign a midi controller to control the "start position" so that you can choose where a clip will start ( of course! ) and if i assign it to a knob or 2 ( it has 3 boxes to move it by beat or bar or what not ) you can actually let a song play and kind of move around more by pressing the start the clip again wen u have it in the right position.
    also I would think you can assign the same knob to control the loop start position, and having a button to turn looping on or off, you can have it so you can skim through as you wish and loop when you want =D

    But my question for anyone here who knows more about midi controllers and stuff than me ( 99% of the people here ) is that is there a way you can assign those knobs and buttons for the start positions to control those parameters of whatever clip your "highlighting", because its actually pretty useless if you have to unassign and reassign for each and every song you put in thats currently playing or what not. =/

    If i'm not making any sence just let me know lol

    ( oh also anyone who has a APC40 please give your input because i know those can do alot of different things normal MIDI controllers cannot do with Ableton )

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    Those are be global, so you would need the clip selected to use them.

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    Sorry I'm on the run so I'm have to just half answer this. I thing you really need to use more that one clip (several copys) and use each one with a different star point, and the use some cleaver assigning so you can achieve what you need!


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