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    I'm only just getting into mixing and therefore my budget is very limited.

    For a basic starter's kit I'm thinking about getting an M-Audio XSession Pro for a basic controller and a Native Instruments Audio 2DJ for an interface.

    I'll be using them with Traktor.

    Does this sound like it would work? I need real budget solutions since I need to generate income before I can afford fancy equipment.


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    sounds like a good start. My 2nd midi controller was the x-session and its a pretty decent piece of gear. I would say to look for a used one cuz chances are down the road your going to want to purchase something with more knobs, buttons, and possibly jog wheels.
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    That is a perfectly decent starter kit. To be honest, if you were creative with the mapping this would get you pretty far. You'll also want to set up some hot keys on your computer keyboard too i reckon.

    I reckon you will want jog wheels eventually because, if nothing else, it just makes cueing up the start of a track easier - rather than having to use the mouse.

    But if you get into prepping your tunes, setting and locking cue points then i see no reason why you cant rock a party with this set up.

    You may want to look at making those outer knobs super knobs that turn the fx on as soon as you twiddle them.

    After 6 months / 1 year you'll almost certainly want to get a VCI-100 though so yeah try and get a used X-Session.

    However, soundcard wise, the Audio 2 DJ could be all you need for ever, possibly...
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