This is how i play loco dice / ean golden
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    Default This is how i play loco dice / ean golden

    Hey Fellas,

    I need your help please!

    The video, THIS IS HOW I PLAY with Ean Golden & Loco Dice made me very curious.

    I like to experiment around with my equipment but sometimes I get on points where I canīt go on without a little help.

    Friends gave me some equipment pieces and I want to rebuild Locoīs setup.

    I have 2 Technics 1210, a Xone 92, a Traktor Audio 10, a Kontrol X1 and of course a MacBook Pro with Traktor Scratch Pro 2. Some friends lend me a RedSound SoundBite XL, a BOSS Digital Delay DD-7 and a foot pedal.
    I know very well how I have to connect my Traktor stuff, but Iīm not able to connect all the extra stuff to make them work together. I tried different things without having success.

    Could you help me please? I would appreciate that very much!!!

    Greetz from Germany

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    Nice! That is definitely a kit! How you setup is going to depend on your workflow and how many channels you want to utilize.

    This is how I would start and then you can tweak/modify it from there.

    Channel pairs 1-4 on the A10 would go into channel pairs 1-4 on the Xone92. I would route decks A/B to actually go to channels 2/3 on the Xone with those decks utilizing scratch control, but that is just my preference.

    Aux 1 out -> Soundbite -> Return 1
    Aux 2 out -> Boss delay -> Return 2

    If you want to use A&H's filter post effects, then you would want to effects return into an input channel instead of the return channels.

    Hope that helps and have fun!

    /Edit I finally watched the video and Loco Dice is only using 2 decks and has routed each effect individually on the Aux sends and routes them to input channels on the Xone instead of the returns. He has everything labeled already so just mimic what he has setup.

    Loco Dice:
    Aux 1 out -> SoundBite -> Input 3
    Aux 2 out -> Boss delay -> Input 1
    Deck A -> Input 2
    Deck B -> Input 4

    Also download the manual for the Xone 92 if you haven't. It is very detailed on audio routing paths.

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