Traktor pro vs traktor scratch pro2
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    This is probably a dumb question but I am still somewhat new to traktor and I need some help. I have been using Traktor Pro for the past 6 months with a cheap controller. Recently I upgraded to the S4 (Love it) and the person I bought it from gave me his copy of scratch pro 2 along with it. My goal is to add a turntable to the mix so I can scratch when I feel the need. My question is do I need to run scratch pro 2 in order to do that or will my latest version of Traktor Pro be able to do this. I went to load the scratch pro 2 disk onto my computer and it said it was going to over ride my current version which is just traktor pro 2. I'm confused......................Help.

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    The only difference is that TSP enables the timecode capabilities. When you update your serial in the Service Center it will "replace" your current installation. No need to install anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanrowley1 View Post
    gave me his copy of scratch pro 2 along with it. .
    Make sure that he has de-registered this copy or you will not be able to Activate it.

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