Reccomend some good books please on djing with vinyl turntables
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    Default Reccomend some good books please on djing with vinyl turntables

    Hey guys, I'm currently a controller dj atm using a novation twitch but I can see it in myself that I am limiting the learning curve that comes with staying with controllers. So bought some vinyl turntables for a fairly cheap price, turns out they were shit but I want to stick at vinyl so I'm currently saving up for some technics (takes awhile when your 18 and just left college) Anyway it would be pretty cool to read up more on djing the old fashion way whilst I'm waiting so if anyone could recommend some good books or even dvds? then that would be cool. I've already read up on the website, just want to read some more stuff

    Books on cdjs would also be appreciated

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    Watch some videos too! I don't know of any good books that are catered specifically to vinyl DJs but you could try DJing for dummies. Your best bet would be to watch a video on the basics like slip cueing and beatmatching and then just practice the hell out of it.
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    Both great books ^

    Also check out some boiler room sets and watch how the pros mix it has helped me allot

    These three are good to watch and all have slightly different styles

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    How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records

    One of the most helpful books I've read
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