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    Default Xone 92 Set up Help

    Hi Guys,

    I've only recently got into mixing around a year ago and started off by justing using Traktor on its own and then went on to getting the Novation Zero SL mkii.

    However, I've recently thought of getting serious about it and got the Xone 92 with the Focusrite 18i6 along with a dual mono jack to dual rca cable.

    The issue is that I can see Traktor recognising the Focusrite interface but I'm not too sure on how to get the Xone 92 hooked up properly? Could someone please help me out with this.

    Also, is it automatically mapped or would I have to do this manually?

    Thanks a lot for your help in advance.


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    In the audio prefs, do you have the audio device to ASIO (on Windows).

    The 92 isn't a MIDI controller. You will need to hook the outputs on the Focusrite up to the channels on the 92. In Traktor, output routing needs to be set to external mixer, then make sure all the channels are correctly selected. So, if you want to use three decks...

    In traktor and on the mixer:
    deck A = channels 1/2
    deck B = channels 3/4
    deck C = channels 5/6
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    OP gonna want to get one of these probs

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    Thanks a lot for the replies guys!

    I've still got the Novation Zero SL mkii so I can still use that as a midi controller right? Would I hook that up to the audio interface or the mixer?

    And Dan I'll try what you said and get back to you on that.

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