Controller help - need suggestions
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    Default Controller help - need suggestions

    Okay, since I last posted about starting myself off with a midi fighter 3d and S2/4 my funds have done the typical student thing and disappeared in the last few months - plus i was thoroughly dicked around by the club that I was playing in and am not playing in anymore...


    I've got myself a pair of Denon SC2000s at the moment which I am technically borrowing (although I'm not sure if the guy remembers I have them!), but I could sorely do with a crossfader at the very least. I'm making do with the master filter knobs on traktor, but they aren't perfect.

    I'd like to mix 4 decks, I've gotten very used to having loops on decks 3+4, but I'm sure that can be done with remix decks as well so I'll settle for remix control too. I'm only doing controller, not CDJing or anything like that, but I'd like something with an audio interface built in. Can I get suggestions/offers of reasonable (and quite cheap!) gear to go for? Can people also suggest/offer 2 track controllers that are going, especially mappable ones and I guess I can always frankenstein a set up from what I have (still has to have an interface). Obviously I'm more than willing to have second hand stuff!

    I feel like I'm asking a lot, but I really want to put mixes up on my soundcloud as well as my recording/production stuff.

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    novation twitch. i just picked one up and im throughly enjoying it. ive used many controllers and this one i feel is the most comfortable.

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