does this soundcard exist?
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    Default does this soundcard exist?

    I want a soundcard to dj with that has it's own built in effects processor and knobs to tweak the effects.

    Thanks to Korg and the crappy Mini-KP output levels, I am without a satisfactory solution for effects. I hate using them in Traktor and I hate the lack of vst support.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Your most likely going to have to shell out loads of money to acquire a mixer with built in effects processing. To find one with the flexibility that the virtual effects offer will cost you big money.


    You can route your audio from traktor into Ableton to use additional effects. Generally I feel like traktors effects are pretty solid, but Ableton Live (w/ all the vst support you can shake a tone arm at!) has some gems as well. Here is the article that can explain it much better than I can :


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