I've recently got into DJ'ing and I love the whole Electro house music. The main type of music I enjoy listening to are Electro remixes of chart songs. These songs (I'm sure you've seen them) are free to download on the producers SoundCloud etc and are made my unsigned producers.

After researching the topic, I've found these are actually illigal and I cannot use them to DJ with, or download without being under threat of being taken to court?

I don't mind at all purchasing music (and I do whenever I can) however the 'official' remixes, in my opinion are not always very good, and I much prefer these unofficial remixes.

What am I supposed to do here as I'm completely stumped.

It's like saying the genre of music I want to play, I'm not allowed as it's illigal. Wut!

Advice would be greatly appreciated.