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    Default Home Studio, Need some good ole, solid advice

    Ok everyone I need some real solid advice.
    I have been a dJ for many years and now getting into production. I have a S4, Machine, 1210 Technics mk5 turntables, purchasing a presonus board I know overkill some might say but getting a great deal. I have a huge room for my studio and a spare next to it the plan is to eventually build a true home studio. This is all way down the line
    I just wanted to give as much info so I can get the best advice…
    I am need of a pair of studio monitors. Yes I will be using these for production, turntablism practice as well as many other things. I do a lot of mixes from hip-hop R&B, Trap Dubstep etc. So a lot of bass in my music as well.

    I was told its best for me to use a good pair of 8” monitors to handle the bass and volume I would like. I went to GC yesterday and listened to the M-Audio BX5’s I loved them sounded great without a sub then listened to a pair of Yamaha HS80M sounded flat not much bass but they sell a sub for that this is what they had available in the two I wanted to listen too.
    I wasn’t sure if the M-Audio could handle more bass or was the Monitors masking true sound and the Yamaha putting out true sound. Just my own opinion of confusion being that I read all the time the Yamaha are known for their performance and true quality. I worry because I do turn up the bass at times when I am mixing and using filters.

    I want to ask what would you all chose Yamaha HS80M or the M-Audio BX8D2 cost is no worry. Only other issue is should I go with 5’s or 8’s I don’t really have the desk room or space for stands at this time in the location my equipment is in for the 8’s but know I will find a way to use them properly if I have too…
    Thanks again for all your advice

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    Out of all those, get the Yamaha HS80M. M-Audio monitors are definitely not as good as the Yamaha's. If you can't afford the 8's then I would get the Yamaha 5" instead of either of the M-Audio monitors. I suggest sticking with the 8's because when you do have the room for the 8's you will be pissed you just have the 5's. Be a little cramped for a while, you will be happier in the long run.Keep the monitors on the desk, do not use stands unless you plan on putting a sub in the room which I do not recommend.

    My buddy has the HS80M's and likes them. Personally I think they are decent, but not a choice monitor for me. They are decent for their price range though. Personally the Adam F7's (not the A7's) are in the same price range, $50 higher but the quality overall is much better. The F7's are not as good as the A7's but I think it is still a quality monitor.

    Good luck
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