Last winter a friend convinced me to buy a DJ controller with him, because we didn't yet know if we would like it. We bought a mixtrack pro II and turns out I absolutely love it! But sharing a controller with someone else gets annoying after a while. I've done some research on what to buy next but because of my limited experience I can't make a decision yet.

Right now I'm trying to decide between the Vestax VCI-380 and the 400, because I love their compact size and the big pads both have and they can both run Serato DJ. Combined with Serato DJ they are about the same price (730 euro).

Main differences seem to be:

400: 4 track controller, Fully mapable (so i can try other dj software later on)
380: 2 track controller, Touch sensitive performance pads, slicer, and leds on the jogweels

I can imagine i'll be using more than 2 tracks if I've got the option, but I'm also really curious about what I can do with the slicer and touch senstive pads, also with the lighted jogweels I might be able to improve my scratching. I'll be mostly playing techno, house and minimal, so which option do you think is better for me?