I am wanting to buy my first dj controller for use with traktor. I already looked at each and every controller on the market , I have also ready various reviews and video's.

I am looking for a dj controller that ticks all these boxes below:
1. budget 400 , could stretch to 500 if I had to.
2. 2 or 4 , i am not too fussed.
3. well built, with long lasting faders.
4. portablity is not a issue.
5. timcode capablity.
6. standalone mixer for two 2 cdjs,
7. solid sound quality
8. good ease of use
9. smooth and responsive jog wheels
10. decent and sturdy fk knobs.
11. must be able to be mapped to trakor pro 2 main functions.
12. not sure what else, but I think that covers the basics.

Some controllers that fit my requirments , but I am unable to decide on one yet.
1. Traktor Kontrol S2
2. Denon MC3000
3. Reloop Jockey 3
4. Trakror Kontrol S4 ( out my budget, but on offer 500 )
5. Reloop Terminal Mix 4 ( this is a serato controller, but I have heard there is traktor mappings )