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    Hi, I have about 900$ to spend on speakers and i hoped you all could help me figure out how best to spend the money. Should i buy 2 $450 dollar speakers or something less expensive then add a subwoofer? Any and all input would be appreciated. Also i am using these for my room and then for house party's on the weekend. These party's are small room and anywhere from 25-50 people. Thank you

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    Hey Schoddy, depends on your neighbours i would say. I have two floor standers and get regular complaints (the most recent one was that the next doors daughter was crying because the walls were vibrating - i felt so bad!) so there is no way i could run a sub in my flat. If you do have neighbours that are hard of hearing i would say get a sub as you will really hear the difference especially when playing electronic music. I think you should go 2nd hand with your budget if you can find some in good nic. Make sure to check for dented cones and try and test them if you get the chance. Hope this helps
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    get two of these:

    They are plenty for 75-100 people.

    and get two speaker stands too.

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    I run two of these when I go mobile...

    They are PERFECT for smaller crowds (but i've used them in room with ~200 people and they worked fine). And there are websites always running special on them.

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