Hi, my first name is Paul and this is a last resort effort to change my current, (pretty shitty) situation. I was a marine and I was severely injured near the Al Faw peninsula, southern Iraq, when my convoy was ambushed. It ended my career and almost my life and I now cannot work. I am still in an appeal process to get disability money and am barely surviving through busking locally. There isn't much I am able to do and until recently, thought busking was all I would ever be able to do. At the end of last week, a old school friend (who knew my situation) who works with an independent television company told me she had managed to get me some work starting in 3 weeks (I write music) doing stuff for TV (I'd be able to work from home). The only obstacle to this right now is that I have no studio monitors or interface (I cant mix to a good enough standard without some) I have ascertained that, going by what I've seen used entry level stuff going for on e-bay, that I'll need about 250. Realistically, this is probably my last chance to do something with my life (music was just a hobby since childhood and I had no plan b beyond the forces) so I am making this request to anyone who is able to either make a donation or a small loan, via paypal (e-mail - paulmay7777@yahoo.co.uk) So I can do this. Any loans will be repaid out of my first paycheck. Whether you are able to help or not, thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank you.