I want to use Mad Zach on windows
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    Default I want to use Mad Zach on windows

    I just purchased the tutorial and found out that all Mad Zach's stuff is for MAC.

    I have a windows laptop, Traktor pro 2, an S4 and a MF spectra.

    I've noticed that I can drag WAV files into my remix decks, but when I try to play more than one sound in a column the first sounds stops.

    How can I make this work? I really want to finger drum.

    please help me.

    thank you.

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    Its not just for mac, everything works just the same for windows except my app, which is still in beta. To play them in traktor youll need to load the "all wavs" file and add cue points. Unfortunately the remix decks are not really useful for finger drumming because of that column choke issue. They are mostly optimized for ableton but also can be rocked on maschine, mpc, reason, etc
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